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Swiss Elections 2015

SRG SSR collaborated with Interactive Things on a series of data-driven reportings and visual analyses around the Swiss Elections 2015. Over the course of several individual projects, the teams of SRF, SWI, RTS, RSI and RTR provide valuable insights regarding Swiss political history, trends, the mechanics of the electoral system in Switzerland and the candidates.

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Rooted in its strong patriarchal society, India reveals an obsessive preference for sons with the systemic discrimination against girls. Cultural and economical reasons lead parents to abort, kill or abandon their daughters in their earliest years of life. It’s happening right now. It’s happening every 50 seconds. The research around this topic is sound and extensive, yet not easily accessible to everyone. We believe this story has to be told publicly in order to shed light on this issue. Blending the facts from scientific studies together with personal stories from the people most affected. The result is a report that aims to raise awareness and generate discussions about this ongoing war against girls.

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Disclose Webmagazine

Disclose is PwC's business magazine with topical news and background information on accounting and auditing. We transformed the static print magazine into a digital reading experience with interactive visualizations and multi media. This way, our audience can access the expert's opinion on their favorite devices.

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The Swisscom Cockpit gives their users detailed insights and full control over their costs when they use mobile data and make calls. We designed and implemented a responsive frontend that's easy to use and accessible across all mobile devices.

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Small Business Sentiment

As a platform that connects small business owners with their customers, Thumbtack has unique insights into how this part of the US economy performs. In cooperation with Bloomberg and the Kauffman Foundation we present the sentiment and friendliness of doing business in the United States.

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City of Geneva

Ville Vivante

In collaboration with Lift and Near Future Laboratory, we visualized the digital traces left by people's mobile phones in the city of Geneva. The animation and eight posters were shown near Geneva central station from February 20th to March 4th 2012.

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