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Platform for Transparent Politics

Lobbywatch is a research platform for journalists which sheds light on the interests between the Swiss national and state councils and companies. Our redesign simplifies the search for and analysis of people, organizations, and lobby groups.

Featured project


Visual Storytelling for ETH Library

The ETH Library has an impressive and extensive archive of rare books and also provides an infrastructure for the medium and long-term storage of digital data. To make those resources and services more accessible to the public we designed and developed Explora. This mobile-first website holds a series of carefully curated articles which are published by the ETH Library staff on a quarterly basis.

Featured project

Gut leben in Deutschland

Interactive Report on Wellbeing

To conclude a two year long study, the German Government commissioned us to create a platfrom presenting the gathered facts and gained insights. A total of 46 indicators grouped in 12 dimensions document the current state and future trends of wellbeing in Germany.

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Self-Initiated Investigative Report

An investigative report about the estimated 629’000 girls missing in India every year. We share our analysis of the problem from the inside. Our research of reasons and related factors. Helping to grasp the magnitude of the foeticide and infanticide in India.

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Mobile Application for Swisscom

The Swisscom Cockpit gives their users detailed insights and full control over their costs when they use mobile data and make calls. We designed and implemented a responsive frontend that´s easy to use and accessible across all mobile devices.

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Education Inequalities

Data Platform for UNESCO

For the UNESCO we designed and built the World Inequality Database on Education. It visualizes the current state of education for over 100 countries and enables you to look beyond the averages, see the disparities and identify which demographic groups are the most disadvantaged.

Featured project

Ville Vivante

Data Visualization for City of Geneva

In collaboration with Lift and Near Future Laboratory, we visualized the digital traces left by people´s mobile phones in the city of Geneva. The animation and eight posters were shown near Geneva central station from February 20th to March 4th 2012.

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UN Designers Lunch

May 10 2017, Geneva, Switzerland

Lunch talk about the process of designing and developing impactful data visualizations.

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Open Data Lecture

May 11 2017, Winterthur, Switzerland

Lecture on information visualization at the Institute of Business Information Technology.

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A Javascript library for interface style guides using Markdown or React.

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The Road to School

The Syria crisis is robbing millions of children of their right to education.

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