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We blend strategic thinking with practical skills to help you reach your unique vision. Our approach to creating digital products starts with real people’s needs and results in measurable business value. No matter whether we solve problems of everyday life today or tackle emerging challenges of tomorrow.

Analysis & Insight

Understanding any problem deeply is essential for solving it. With a combination of qualitative and quantitative research techniques, we help you to explore circumstances, establish empathy, derive insight, and build up knowledge. This results in a shared understanding among all involved stakeholders that will inform future design decisions.

Favorite Methods

User Research
Data Analysis
Stakeholder Interview
Benchmark Comparison
Expert ReviewPACKAGE
Usability TestingPACKAGE

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How our research laid the foundation for Biovotion to create an application capable of guiding and motivating people towards better health.
Augment Application
An application to inform, motivate and empower individuals on their journey to better health for Biovotion

Digital & Data Strategy

You can rely on our experience building digital products when we transform your idea into strategy. Using methods from the Design Thinking toolbox, we help you to conceive, validate, and hone your product vision. Together we specify what the product is going to be and what it isn’t. Removing the waste and revealing the essence.

Favorite Methods

Value Proposition Design
Customer Journey Mapping
Experience Envisioning
Product Storyboarding
Technology Architecture
Evolution Plan & Roadmap

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See how we helped the ETH Library to develop an innovative approach to engaging with their audience far beyond the academic context.
Publication for visual storytelling about scientific materials and topics for the ETH Library.

Product & Service Design

Focusing on the experience of people using your product, we create interfaces and visualizations that feel intuitive, even while handling complex tasks and data. We follow a user-centered design process that is built around continuous evaluation and iteration. This ensures that our results don’t just look great but are a delight to use.

Core Expertise

Design SprintPACKAGE
User Interface Design
User Experience Design
Interactive Prototyping
Data Visualization Design
Design Systems & Styleguides

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See how our design solution for the German Government turned a research report into a German Design Award winning online publication.
Wellbeing in Germany
Data-driven report on the wellbeing of citizens for the German Government.

Full Stack Web Development

A design’s implementation is as important as the design itself. We apply Agile and Lean Software Development methodologies to make sure we build the right thing and build the thing right. Close collaboration between designers, developers, and our customers helps us bridge the gap between functional intent and what the user experiences.

Core Expertise

Interactive Web Applications
Interface Component Libraries
Custom Data Visualizations
Linked Data Platforms
AR & VR Applications

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See how we implemented a performant and scalable data platform for the World Health Organization to democratize access to scientific data.
Violence Info
Global knowledge platform about violence prevention for the World Health Organization.


Besides full-scale product development, we also offer tried-and-true service packages individually. These packages are ideal to identify where you stand, where you want to go, and how to get there. Pick one to address a specific issue or to start a longterm collaboration with us.

Design Sprint

You have a tough problem to solve or an exciting idea to explore? Sounds like a Design Sprint with our design team is the ideal approach to achieve tangible results quickly. We use this short and intense collaboration to develop solutions within one week’s time. You will walk away with plenty of fresh ideas and one validated concept to a key area of your product. Design Sprints are great to kickstart a new project or get an existing project unstuck.

Design Sprint: Answer critical business questions through designing, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers.
Design Sprint: Answer critical business questions through designing, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers.
Team2 designers
Time5–7 workdays
LocationAt our studio or on-site
OutputPrototype and documentation
PriceFrom CHF 20’000


Our service is publicly recognized with the highest grades by experts.


Silver News & Current Affairs
Information is Beautiful Award
Gold Corporate Infographics2019
DPA-Infografik Award
Winner Online Publications2019
German Design Award
Silver Leisure, Games & Sport2018
Information is Beautiful Award


Excellence in Design
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Places & Spaces Exhibition2018
Indiana University, Indiana, USA
1,2,3 Data2018
Fondation EDF, Paris, France
Werkschau Grafik2016
Blofeld Media, Zürich, Switzerland


Data Visualization Agencies
Data Stories Podcast
Looking for the Earth Next Door2018
The Pudding
Roger Federer Career in Rankings and Wins2018
Flowing Data
A Galaxy of Cover Songs2016
Flowing Data

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