We make great experiences happen.

Working in a digitalized and interconnected environment poses tough questions, but also offers huge opportunities. We help you find answers to the first and realize the second. No matter whether we’re asked to solve practical problems of everyday life today or to tackle emerging challenges of tomorrow.


We form cross-functional teams to solve our clients’ toughest challenges.

Interaction Design

We define the structure and behavior of interactive systems creating meaningful relationships between people and the products and services that they use.

Interface Design

We shape the key features or characteristics of user interface elements with the focus on maximizing the user experience when humans interact with machines.

Information Design

We present quantitative and qualitative information with the aim to foster efficient and effective understanding, balancing aesthetics and ergonomics.

Data Visualization

We decode data with comprehensible visual and interactive elements to reveal insights that help people make sense of trends, patterns, and relationships.

Data Science

We apply processes from modeling, statistics, analytics and mathematics to extract intelligence from structured or unstructured data.

Software Engineering

We develop dynamic and interactive applications using modern web technologies paying great attention to speed, stability, and responsiveness.


We follow a lean and iterative process to deliver the best result in time and on budget.



At the start of every project, we reveal opportunities and restrictions that are embedded in the product vision. We familiarise ourselves with your business objectives, research the target audience, analyse the competition, and explore the existing material. Our goal is to build a shared understanding about the project’s desired outcome as well as its risks among all involved stakeholders.



Based on the gained insights and with an open mind, we work closely with you to develop a product strategy. Together we specify what the product is going to be and what it isn’t. Using a Product Design Sprint, we are able to create and evaluate a tanglible concept quickly and efficiently. The learnings and results are used to hone the product vision and to refine the project plan.



We begin by studying the overall structure of the product to create an information architecture that ensures intuitive user flows. Next, we organize the content into screens that provide the user with just the information they need, when they need it. By focusing on relevancy and the audience’s abilities, we are able to create interfaces that feel natural, even while handling complex tasks. Lastly, we strive to delight our users through visual elegance and polish.



A design’s implementation is as important as the design itself. Through close collaboration between designers and developers we can bridge the gap between functional intent and what the user eventually experiences. Right from the start we embrace technical constraints to find the most suitable solutions. No application will leave our house without being tested thoroughly in terms of stability and performance.



We follow a user-centered design process that is built around continuous evaluation and iteration. Using prototyping and user and stakeholder feedback, we identify the most effective interaction models, interface components, and visualization methods. Every design decision must prove its purpose and is executed with the highest attention to detail.



Project delivery is about providing results. When it’s time to release a new product into the world, we are at your side to review performance and stimulate growth. Rather than the end, this is the opportunity to start a valuable, long-standing collaboration. Everything we collectively learned during the project forms the foundation for future development.


We do our best work when we are asked to solve the following challenges.

Investigative Storytelling

We design investigative narratives to explore, explain, and evaluate complex phenomena in journalism, education, and scientific publications.

Visual Analytics

We empower professionals with bespoke tools to gain insights from their data assets and act on them in their daily work.

Interactive Reporting

We re-imagine how organizations engage with their stakeholders making the results of their work more relatable and actionable.

Exploratory Experiences

We create engaging and immersive experiences for people of all age groups to learn, play, and express themselves.

Data-Driven Products

We translate business strategies into products and develop them from proof-of-concept to public release and beyond.

User-Centered Services

We make it easy for brands and people to connect, communicate, and collaborate with custom digital services.


Our service has been publicly recognized by clients, peers, and experts.


Short List Design StudioInformation is Beautiful Award, 2015

Short List Data JournalismInformation is Beautiful Award, 2015

Winner Culture & EntertainmentGrimme Online Award, 2014

Winner Best Team PortfolioGEN Data Journalism, Award 2014

Winner Data JournalismEuropean Newspaper, Award 2013

Winner Online and CrossmediaEuropean Newspaper Award, 2013

2 x Winner Interactive InfographicDPA-Infografik Award, 2013


Places & Spaces ExhibitionIndiana University, Indiana, USA, 2018

Datacovery ExhibitionFondation EDF, Paris, France, 2018

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Werkschau GrafikBlofeld Media, Zürich, Switzerland, 2015

Big Bang DataCCCB, Barcelona, Spain, 2014

Werkschau GrafikBlofeld Media, Zürich, Switzerland, 2014

Swiss Positions & Swiss ScalesKorea Foundation, Seoul, Korea, 2013

Nighttime DreamrealPower Station of Art, Shanghai, China, 2013

Beijing Design WeekCMODA, Beijing, China, 2012

Places & Spaces ExhibitionIndiana University, Indiana, USA, 2011


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