We share knowledge and bring ideas to life.

Creativity is driven by curiosity about the unknown, the desire to improve, and the freedom to explore. Creation through experimentation plays an essential role in our studio. We believe true innovation only happens when you share your ideas and knowledge with others. By creating a dialogue around our research, we aim to benefit others and us alike.


Explorations that grew into tools, publications, or experiences.


Turn open data into compelling evidence

We’ve developed Prisma as the standard tool for the Swiss government to empower citizens to discover and share insights from open data. Our solution covers the complete process of creating value from data: finding the right data set, visualizing the data in a compelling way, customizing the visualization to match the audience and context, and optimizing the visualization for distribution.


Living style guides for digital products

After creating a tool to solve our own need and using it with our clients, we decided that it’s time to share it with fellow product makers. With Catalog you combine design documentation with real, live components in one single place, making collaboration between designers and developers seamless.


We publish our thoughts to educate and entertain.


Publication on Data Visualization

We report on the latest research findings and applied use cases of this field. We combined reviews of work done by academics and practitioners with insights from our own work. Although the publication is no longer active, the archive is full of inspirational and educational examples.

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Interview Series on Creativity

We feel the pulse of the creative community working at the intersection of art, design, and science. In a series of interviews, we find out what they feel and think about their worlds to get to know their beliefs, motivations and limitations.

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We connect professionals to foster the exchange of ideas.

Data Visualization Zürich

Zürich-based meetup group to bring together the diverse community of people involved or interested in data visualization.

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Hacks / Hackers Zürich

Zürich chapter of the global network of journalists and technologists to advance digital journalism.

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Open Data Association

Swiss chapter of the Open Knowledge Foundation with the aim to make governmental data accessible to everyone.

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We explore new ways of interaction, visualization, and storytelling.


Inclusive human data interaction powered by AI.

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Swiss Maps Generator

A free tool to generate TopoJSON or SVG from Swisstopo geodata.

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Life of Plastic

Exploring the complex relationship of plastic and its recycling system.

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Coming Soon

Visualizing ingredients in Vietnamese cuisine.

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Out of Reach

Visualizing income inequality within and between countries.

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Circle of Nations

An exploration of diplomatic networks and how they reshape the World.

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From Crimson to Salmon

An exploration of the correlation between air pollution and the sky’s color at sunset.

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Looking for the Earth Next Door

How far are we to living on an exoplanet?

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Exploited Hopes and Dreams

There are 21 million victims of modern slavery on any given day. Discover the stories of two victims in Switzerland.

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Grand Slam Serve Speed

Serves speed from the top-ranking ATP players in Grand Slam tournaments.

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A new format for online articles that adapts to the reader’s preferences.

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The Road to School

The Syria crisis is robbing millions of children of their right to education.

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Galaxy of Covers

Honoring the evolution of the 50 most popular cover songs of all time.

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The Unified Hour

Interactive exhibition about the UCI One Hour Record.

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Investigative report about the missing girls of India.

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Global Trade Africa

Visualization of trade flows between African countries and the rest of the world.

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Confluence Diagram

Embedded knowledge and dependency visualization.

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Kahn Academy

Visualization of a library of learning resources.

Visualizing Substratum

Analysis and visualization of text semantics and similarity.

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Make Open Data

Animated visualization of the Swiss railroad activity.

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Make Open Data

Geographic visualization of contaminated sites in Switzerland.

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Multitouch Text Entry

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Visual Risk Management

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Open Source

We release internal utilities to give back to the community.


A Javascript library for creating living style guides using Markdown or React.

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Swiss Maps

A Makefile to generate TopoJSON from Swisstopo geodata.

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A Javascript library for retrieving Google Sheets as plain objects.

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We write articles for journals, books, and periodicals.

Data Visualization for Exploration and ExplanationData Visualization in Social Science and Market Research, DGOF, 2021

Organizing the Work of Data-Driven Visual StorytellingData-Driven Storytelling, AK Peters, 2019

Feature & InterviewData Visualization for Success, Images Publishing Group, 2017

Dynagrams: Enhancing Design Thinking Through Dynamic DiagramsDesign Thinking for Innovation, Springer-Verlag, 2016

Prototyping und StorytellingDesign Thinking Das Handbuch, Frankfurter Allgemeine Buch, 2015

From Experience to UnderstandingNew Challenges For Data Design, Springer-Verlag, 2014

The Confluence Diagram: Embedding Knowledge in Interaction ConstraintsAccepted Poster InfoVis, 2014

InterviewVisualising Data, 2014

History of Datavisualization.chSwiss Analytics Magazine, 2013

InterviewPage Magazine, 2013

InterviewVisual News, 2010


We organize workshops to translate theory into practice.

Design LeadershipZürich, March 2021

Visualize Thick DataZürich, September 2017

OKNF ConferenceGeneva, September 2013

Fossgis ConferenceRapperswil, June 2013

See+ WorkshopWiesbaden, April 2013

Lift ConferenceGeneva, February 2013

See+ WorkshopWiesbaden, April 2012

Opendata.chBern, June 2011

See+ WorkshopWiesbaden, April 2011


We present our work to inform and inspire.

Open Data LectureBern, February 2022

Data Visualization LectureLuzern, December 2021

EU Dataviz Conference TalkLuxembourg, November 2021

Data Innovation Alliance TalkBern, June 2021

Data Visualization LectureLuzern, May 2021

CAS Design Leadership RoundtableZürich, March 2021

Open Data LectureBern, February 2021

Data Visualization TalkDenver, 2021

Data Visualization LectureLuzern, December 2020

UN World Data Forum SessionVirtual, October 2020

Data Visualization LectureLuzern, May 2020

Open Data LectureBern, February 2020

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