We are Interactive Things.

Interactive Things was founded by Benjamin, Christian and Jeremy and is led together with Christoph and Peter. We are a close-knit team of experts with skills in design and engineering. Pride in our craftsmanship, quality of our results, and satisfaction of our clients are most important to us.

Benjamin Wiederkehr

Managing Director and Partner

Benjamin believes that the combination of design and technology has the power to improve how people think, learn, and work. As our managing director and with practical experience in both designing and developing digital products, he is in charge of our planning and execution. Benjamin mediates between design, technology, data, and most importantly people to ensure that our products succeed for everyone.

Christian Siegrist

Senior Interaction Designer, Finance Lead and Partner

Christian is committed to creating understandable data visualizations and intuitive user interfaces. Always advocating for the end user, Christian bases his concepts on user research from an early stage and validates our design decisions throughout the whole design and development process. Ensuring happiness among clients and users alike is his priority.

Jeremy Stucki

Technology Lead and Partner

Jeremy strongly believes that a design is only as good as its implementation. With a passion for simple and elegant solutions, he guides our team of engineers to constantly improve as a team and in the adoption of new technologies. With technical proficiency he enables us to validate our designs early with interactive prototypes and then turn them into fully functional applications.

Christoph Schmid

Design Lead and Partner

Christoph approaches design problems with natural empathy for the user and high attention to detail. As our design lead, he supports our designers to sharpen their skills individually and refine their process collectively. With his extensive experience designing digital services and products, Christoph looks for solutions that are not only useful, but delightful.

Peter Gassner

Senior Interaction Engineer and Partner

Peter’s drive to find the right answer instead of the quick one influences not only our technological choices but also inspires our design decisions. He helps our whole team to maintain a lean mindset improving everyone’s practice and process. As a full-stack engineer, Peter turns our clients’ ideas into robust and responsive applications.

Julia Spezzacatena

Finance Manager

Julia’s methodical and investigative nature ensures that our accounts are accurate and up to date at any time. She takes care of the entire book keeping, financial monitoring and reporting and also optimizes related processes to increase efficiency and traceability. Additionally, she is responsible for all administrative duties and supports the team in creating their perfect working space.

Jan Wächter

Senior Interaction Designer

Jan is interaction and interface designer. Along with his major skills in typography, visual and interaction design, he also implements interactive prototypes independently. His experience with complex project requirements makes him a great fit for designing stunning products that are both beautiful and intuitive to use.

Tania Boa

Interaction Designer

Tania has a natural curiosity to understand the subject matter she is working to discover insights and stories that might not be obvious in the beginning. Once found, her background in Visual and Multimedia Communication Design allows her to transform these insights into interfaces and visualizations that inform, educate, and entertain.

Tomas Carnecky

Senior Interaction Engineer

Tomas is a passionate web application developer. After attaining a degree in Software Engineering he has worked for several startups. There he developed a strong interest in everything related to the web and functional programing languages. During the rare moments when he’s not in front of a computer contributing to open source projects, you can find him either bouldering or flying his quadcopter.

Gerhard Bliedung

Interaction Engineer

Gerhard loves experimenting with new ways of approaching information and data, with his experience reaching from haptic feedback to natural language driven interfaces. After completing his BA in Interaction Design at the Zurich University of the Arts in 2014, he is now excited to be able to work with the team and gain insights in the processes from ideation to implementation.

Luc Guillemot

Interaction Engineer

Luc creates applications that turn data into information. After a PhD in Social Sciences and several years as a cartographer at EPFL and UC Berkeley, he realized that leveraging software engineering to create interactive designs is paramount in making users smarter with data. He is now committed to find technological solutions that bring together purpose, simplicity and beauty.

Solange Vogt

Project Manager

Solange is a solution oriented thinker and a passionate problem solver committed to delivering the right solution at the right time. She strives to remain focused on the big picture ensuring that projects progress successfully while simultaneously facilitating the dialogue between our team members, clients and users.

Nadine Prigann

Interaction Design Intern

Nadine is a trained photographer with a background in communication and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Interaction Design. Her interests lie mainly in the innovative potential of data-driven interactive and visual applications and a contrasting approach to perception and mediation. During her internship, she will focus her energy on exploring the topic of data visualizations and its various characteristics.


Over the years, we had the pleasure to work with these brilliant minds.

Chiara KühneInteraction Design InternJanuary 2018 – June 2018

Anna WiederkehrInteraction Design InternJuly 2017 – December 2017@wiederkehra

Ece KavlakProject ManagerFebruary 2016 – October 2017

Greta CastellanaInteraction Design InternJanuary 2017 – June 2017@gretacastellana

Thomas PreusseInteraction EngineerJune 2015 – February 2017@tpreusse

Kallirroi RetzepiInteraction Design InternJuly 2016 – December 2016@kallirroi

Mark HintzInteraction EngineerAugust 2014 – February 2016@markhintz

Julia PunnacherryStudio ManagerJanuary 2012 – September 2015

Adina RennerInteraction Design InternJanuary 2015 – June 2015@adi_cam

Piotr FedorczykInteraction EngineerApril 2012 – June 2015@presentday

Ilya BoyandinVisualization EngineerJune 2013 – February 2015@ilyabo

Jonas WyssenInteraction Design InternJuly 2014 – December 2014@wyssenworldwide

Estelle HaryInteraction Design InternJuly 2013 – February 2014@estellehary

Martina FrantzénInteraction Design InternJanuary 2013 – June 2013@martinafrantzen

Christian GrossInteraction Design InternJune 2012 – September 2012@christiangross

Flavio GortanaInteraction Design InternSeptember 2011 – July 2012@flaviogortana

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