We are Interactive Things.

Interactive Things was founded in 2010 by Benjamin, Christian and Jeremy and is led together with Christoph and Peter. We are a close-knit team of experts with skills in design and engineering. Pride in our craftsmanship, quality of our results, and satisfaction of our clients are most important to us.
Our studio is a space to think, learn and create. A place where we interlace and collaborate. With people we like and respect. For people we want to serve. Towards a future we want to see become reality.
We believe technology must empower people while being applied responsibly and unobtrusively. Recognizing that everything we do has an impact on others, we assume responsibilities beyond our own actions.
With our work, we strive to assist humans individually and advance humanity as a whole. We take pride in our craftsmanship building products of quality, durability, and relevance.


Over the years, we had the pleasure to work with these brilliant minds.
Chiara KühneInteraction Design InternJanuary 2018 – June 2018
Anna WiederkehrInteraction Design InternJuly 2017 – December 2017@wiederkehra
Ece KavlakProject ManagerFebruary 2016 – October 2017
Greta CastellanaInteraction Design InternJanuary 2017 – June 2017@gretacastellana
Thomas PreusseInteraction EngineerJune 2015 – February 2017@tpreusse
Kallirroi RetzepiInteraction Design InternJuly 2016 – December 2016@kallirroi
Mark HintzInteraction EngineerAugust 2014 – February 2016@markhintz
Julia PunnacherryStudio ManagerJanuary 2012 – September 2015
Adina RennerInteraction Design InternJanuary 2015 – June 2015@adi_cam
Piotr FedorczykInteraction EngineerApril 2012 – June 2015@presentday
Ilya BoyandinVisualization EngineerJune 2013 – February 2015@ilyabo
Jonas WyssenInteraction Design InternJuly 2014 – December 2014@wyssenworldwide
Estelle HaryInteraction Design InternJuly 2013 – February 2014@estellehary
Martina FrantzénInteraction Design InternJanuary 2013 – June 2013@martinafrantzen
Christian GrossInteraction Design InternJune 2012 – September 2012@christiangross
Flavio GortanaInteraction Design InternSeptember 2011 – July 2012@flaviogortana

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