Publication for visual storytelling about scientific materials and topics for the ETH Library
The ETH Library has an impressive and extensive archive of rare books and provides an infrastructure for the medium and long-term storage of digital data. To make these resources and services more accessible to the public we designed and developed Explora. This mobile-first website holds a series of carefully curated stories which are published by the ETH Library staff on a quarterly basis.

Sharing knowledge through storytelling

Knowledge has to be shared to have value for society and it is best shared through storytelling. To reflect this, contents of ETH Library spanning collections and archives are recombined and presented on Explora as informative stories. Each story includes videos, slideshows and high-quality photos of rare books and prints. The built in zoom functionality allows users to see the library's gems in their full beauty.

Shaping the digital future of university collections

To make the library's knowledge as accessible as possible, all the content on Explora is responsive and optimized for mobile devices. The stories can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere, no matter if you are commuting or sitting at home in front of your desktop computer.

A modular framework to create articles

The modular article framework allows the authors to independently create articles and easily manage content. Authors can choose from a variety of components and enrich the text with multimedia content matching the overall storyline.

A project in collaboration with ETH Library

Project Start:September 2016
Project Release:February 2017
  • Interaction Design
  • Interface Design
  • Data Visualization
  • Software Engineering
  • Content Management
  • Benjamin Wiederkehr
  • Christian Siegrist
  • Ece Kavlak
  • Jeremy Stucki
  • Kallirroi Retzepi
  • Thomas Preusse
  • Tomas Carnecky
  • Claude Lüthi (Illustration)

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