Frontend Development

Part-time friendly position in Zürich starting October 2021.
Application Deadline: 31 July 2021.

Who we are

We are a Zürich-based design and development studio for human data interaction. We help organizations to create products and services to make data understandable and actionable for everyone. Always putting people at the center of attention. We work with a broad range of clients in journalism, academia, technology, healthcare, government, and humanitarianism.

People who work at Interactive Things are passionate about their craft but also about collaborating with a team that brings together different backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. Continuous improvement is at our core; we foster an environment where people can learn from each other and contribute to every aspect of the company. Our team is open to sharing what we know with the wider community.

Who we’re looking for

We are looking for someone to join our development team. You will work closely with colleagues from design and development, as well as our clients. We have no formal education requirements for this position; we’re interested in you, regardless of whether you have a Computer Science degree or are self-taught. What’s most relevant to us is that you care deeply about bringing a design to life and understand how a good implementation enables a great user experience.

  • You are looking forward to solving complex problems to improve people’s lives.
  • You thrive in a collaborative environment where colleagues are happy to provide assistance but also value your input and contributions.
  • You enjoy diving into new areas of your craft and sharing your experience with others.
  • You are well-versed in modern web development (JS, CSS, HTML) and working with APIs and the occasional database or headless CMS.
  • Experience with building web applications with React.js and Next.js (or equivalent frameworks), and being familiar with how to deploy and maintain them is a plus.

What we offer

  • We have a transparent salary and financial benefit system to ensure all employees are treated fairly and equally.
  • We highly value a healthy work-life balance and provide a calm work environment with a regular workweek of 40h on a 100% working schedule. We encourage and enable everyone on our team to compensate for any overtime with time-off.
  • We offer generous employee benefits including up to 2 paid weeks of company holiday during the festive season, budgets for conference attendance, continuous education, professional training, and public transportation. Our studio offers plenty of snacks and drinks at your discretion and we cover expenses for lunch on workdays.
  • We love families (and dogs) and provide special family benefits such as 2 paid weeks of additional parental leave, flexible working hours, and the possibility to work part-time. We are open to working remotely (although we also value on-location presence and collaboration).
  • We provide time and assistance for self-initiated projects and research. Also, we conduct a yearly company retreat and offer regular voluntary team events.
  • Usually, you will be working at our beautiful studio in Zürich equipped with all the tools you need and your own ergonomic workspace. Here you will experience a passionate, friendly, and respectful environment where people matter the most. As long as the Covid-19 pandemic is still ongoing, we encourage working remotely and make sure that you'll be set up for that too.

How to apply

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are important to us. We welcome all candidates irrespective of their identities, qualities, and experiences. When in doubt, please apply! For any questions, Solange and Jeremy will be happy to help.

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